Here at Phonebox Telecom we get asked multiple different questions daily, however we hope that this page here will be able to answer some of the queries that you may have for us and if not then feel free to get in contact with us by clicking the “CONTACT US” button below or on the main menu.

Very! We work with all of the major mobile networks such as o2, 3, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone as well as being impartial when providing landline solutions.

As we source only the best providers that suit your requirements, you’ll get the best that’s available. We understand how each provider works so we know the differences between them, meaning if you went direct, you would only be told about their service. Even if it isn’t exactly what you need.

Going direct to providers is great if you know exactly what you need and you’re prepared to spend time shopping around and comparing deals. But who has the time and inclination for that when we have a business to run?

Using Phonebox means you have one point of contact for all of your communication needs, whether it’s mobile, landline or broadband. We’re a full telecoms provider with real people handling your accounts, so if you ever need to ask or question or have an issue with a service, you speak to your personal account manager, not a huge call centre.

We ensure you’ll receive the best service every time along with expert knowledge, and remember we’ve got to know you and your business so we can help you much quicker, saving you valuable time and money.

No. We like to keep things easy and straightforward to manage so even if you have various services from Phonebox, you’ll only ever receive one, simple bill. Easy!

You don’t really have to do a lot, which is nice. Depending whether you’d like to keep telephone numbers, you’ll have to get in contact with your current provider to gain a code then we can do the rest.

When we talk through all of the various options available to you, we’ll also let you know exactly what you need to do, in simple, non jargon terms so the switch over is easy and painless.

Yes. Even though Phonebox is North East based, we service the whole of the UK and have done for many years.

Using the same technology that we supply to our clients, we have the ability to work nationwide, so no matter whether your business is based in Plymouth or Aberdeen, Phonebox can still be your telecoms provider.

We’re lucky enough to have built some fantastic relationships with our clients over the years so we thought we’d share what they say about us.

If you have any questions about Phonebox Telecom and how your business could benefit from using such a great provider call us on 0844 848 4878 to find out.

“We have dealt with Phonebox for several years and they have helped us on several occasions with advice and assistance on the provision of mobile and fixed line telephone services. They have expert knowledge and a common sense approach which has been appreciated and I would certainly use their services again.”

Les Hare
C I Accountancy Ltd

“We at Whitehouse Funeral Service pride ourselves on our level of service which we provide on a daily basis. That’s why we use Phonebox. They are very approachable, easy to deal with and deliver what they promise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for some honest opinions on phone providers.”

John Whitehouse
Whitehouse Funeral Services

“The systems we have need minimal maintenance. We don’t need to sit in call centre queues, they do it for us. Telecoms is complex and there are unscrupulous operators out there. Phonebox has managed our account to save us money and get us a good reliable service.”

Diane Helliwell

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